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Enemy Type Main Boss
Classification Mythical Creature
Weapons paws, tail, breath

The Dragon is the boss in Tomb Raider 2. Marco Bartoli becomes the Dragon when he plunges the Dagger of Xian into his heart.

When Lara enters the Dragon's Lair and approaches the altar, the dragon awakes. The dragon will spit fire at Lara and try to stomp on her.

It is recommended to use the Uzis or the Grenade Launcher against him while dodging left and right. After quite a few hits, the dragon will fall. When that happens, Lara has to hurry and pull out the dagger.

There is also a dragon in The Last Revelation in the City of the Dead level, however there is little point in Lara battling it, it is better she sprint past it to avoid being burned by its fiery breath.

Note, in Tomb Raider 2, the dragon cannot be killed, but only stunned by the chosen weapon. In the few seconds he is stunned the player must take advantage of it by ripping the dagger out of the dragon's heart.


  • A resin model of Lara battling the Dragon Bartoli has been produced by Editions Atlas, the model also comes with a small model of the Dagger of Xian.


Bartoli, transformed into the dragon by the power of the dagger

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