Desert Railroad

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Desert Railroad
The Last Revelation
Section Karnak Section
Level No 12
Secrets 3
Location Egypt
Level Chronology:
Guardian of Semerkhet Desert Railroad Alexandria

Desert Railroad is the twelfth level in The Last Revelation and the last level of the Karnak Section.

For the first time in the Tomb Raider series, Lara is aboard a moving train, and Von Croy's mercenaries are determined she is going to get off - the hard way. In other words - leaping from carriage to carriage - Lara must find the secrets and defeat the mercenaries, more of whom board the already jam-packed train by leaping on from the roof of chasing jeeps. If you have found the grenade gun in the secret carriage, you can use the flash grenades to distract them as they jump and watch them go flying away into the distance. Falling from the train results in instant death!

Eventually, Lara uses the crowbar in an empty level to separate her carriage from the rest of the train, allowing her to cruise along to Alexandria - the next level - in peace.


Lara has hoppend onto a train, which is heading to Alexandria. But the train trip won't be a peaceful one...


  • Make your way to the different carriages of the train and examine them
  • Find the crowbar
  • Use the crowbar to separate a carriage from the rest of the train



There are three secrets to be found in this level.





First Aid


Traps & Obstacles


  • Gaps between carriages, as falling off the train results in death

Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles