Deepsea Dive

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Deepsea dive
Tomb Raider Chronicles
Section Russia Section
Level No 6
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 10 minutes
  • First Time: 15-20 minutes
Secrets 1
Location Near Russia, Barents Sea
Level Chronology:
The Submarine Deepsea dive Sinking Submarine

Deepsea dive is the sixth level in Tomb Raider Chronicles and the third level in the Russia Section.

Location of the level is a sea near Russia, probably the Barents Sea.

Lara is wearing the Extreme Depth Suit throughout the level. The only enemy in this level is a mini-sub that fires torpedoes in Lara's direction if spotted. The chaff flares can be used to confuse the sub. At the end, Lara will find the Spear of Destiny.


The heroine takes a short trip outside the submarine, and explores the various underwater caves, looking for the Spear of Destiny. After finding it inside a wooden box, the mechanical diver from outside manages to blast a part of the cave, and the falling debris puncture Lara's suit. She races against time to get back to the submarine before running out of air.


Lara enters the sunken submarine and finds a small wooden crate at the bottom of it. She opens it and finds the Spear of Destiny.

  • Lara: Ahhh...Who could believe it?

As Lara places the artefact in to a compartment in her suit, the submarine suddenly shifts. A heavy beam falling from the ceiling strikes the suit, damaging it.

  • Lara: Puncture! Time to leave.

End Cutscene

Lara is able to return to the Russian submarine, narrowly escaping death in the dephts of the sea. Lara takes of the Extreme Depth Suit and also takes out the Spear of Destiny. As she does so, Sergei Mikhailov enters the room, accompanied with his goons.

  • Mikhailov: Ah, our unannounced visitor! I fear you have an item in your possession that I require.
  • Lara: To be used in your continuing quest for world peace, I presume?
  • Mikhailov: World peace, not entirely my purpose in pursuing this artefact...
  • Lara: This artefact contains untold power. Power the likes of you could never harness. If you wish it, you may have it. But you *will* regret it.
  • Mikhailov: The world may regret it. Hand it to me and I may spare you.
  • Lara: On your head, be it.

[Lara throws the spear to Mikhailov, who catches it and holds it close.]

  • Mikhailov: Take her to the torpedo room, and eject her into the ocean.

[One of the Mafiosi holsters his guns, approaches and grips Lara by the arms.]

  • Lara: Sergei, listen to me! You don't know what your dealing with!

As Lara is lead away, Mikhailov begins to stroke the spear, paying no heed to her words. As the three of them exit the room, Mikhailov suddenly lets out a scream. The spear's power has lifted him off of the ground. Bolts of power strike at him, causing smoke to rise from his body. Lara looks on, when an explosion suddenly erupts and the room goes dark. Using it as a distraction, Lara knocks both Mafiosi unconscious as the sub begins to fill with water.




In this level you can find one Golden Rose.

Artefacts & Keys


Traps & Obstacles

There are not any specific traps or obstacles in this level. However, one should be careful not to crash into walls and other objects as it will cause damage.


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