Daniel Rennes

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Daniel Rennes
Tr6 traod rennes closeup.png
Died 2003 [1]
Paris, France
Nationality French
Occupation Pawnbroker
Game(s) The Angel of Darkness

Daniel Rennes is a character from The Angel of Darkness.

He is an active part of the Paris underground, and a close friend of Louis Bouchard. As a master forger, printer, and archivist, Rennes specializes in the provision of illegal documentation and currency, using a back street pawnbroker shop as a front. He is known to be insanely paranoid about conspiracy theories, so his shop is one big booby trap.

Lara can visit him in his Pawnshop on the Cours La Seigne and sell him Pawn Items for money. After she has visited Bouchard in his Hideout, she returns to the pawn shop just to find Rennes murdered by the Monstrum.



  1. According to the timeline, Lara found the Obscura Paintings, Sanglyph and Periapt Shards in 2003, see Lara Croft