Dangerous Territory

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Dangerous Territory
Contact Remnant Scout
Location Soviet Installation
  • The Remnant Scout is waiting south of the Sawmill
  • Wolves den west of the Sawmill
Description Clear out the animal den.
Reward Pistol Sight
Game Rise of the Tomb Raider

Dangerous Territory is a Mission in Rise of the Tomb Raider.


When Lara returns to the Soviet Installation in the Alone Again level, she finds the Remnant Scout and his men wounded by Trinity soldiers. He asks Lara to find and kill the Wolves in a nearby Cave, because they need to get shelter there and Trinity won't enter caves they think are inhabited by wolves.


This is one of the less difficult missions. Lara has to simply find the cave entrance - marked with a green circle on the map and also when turning on Survival Instincts - and kill the up to five wolves inside. This is best accomplished with a well aimed Poison Arrow.

After the wolves are dead, don't forget to skin them. Then return to the Remnant Scout and tell him that the mission is done. He and his men will get up and