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Remark: This article describes Crypts in the base game of Rise of the Tomb Raider. For information on the same structures in the Endurance Expedition, see Crypts (Endurance).

Lara Discovering A Crypt's Sarcophagus

Crypts are a feature in Rise of the Tomb Raider similar to Challenge Tombs. They are less demanding than the latter, including only simple puzzles, the most difficult part being finding them in the first place. Therefore they yield only less valuable loot, including a Crypt Treasure inside the Sarcophagus of one of the founders of Kitezh containing parts of Weapons, Outfits, or other Gear. Crypts are typically hidden inside Caves and sometimes guarded by Bears. Murals inside these crypts belong to the Crypts of the Founders set and increase the Greek Language Proficiency.

List of Crypts

Soviet Installation

There are two crypts located in the Soviet Installation:

Geothermal Valley

There are two crypts located in the Geothermal Valley:

Lost City

There is one crypt in the Lost City: