Croft Manor (TRA)

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Croft Manor
Croft Manor.jpg
Tomb Raider Anniversary
Length (*)
  • Time Trial: 19 minutes
Secrets 8 Artifacts
Special Training Level
Location England, Surrey

The Croft Manor returns as special training level in Tomb Raider Anniversary. Like in Tomb Raider Legend the player visits the new Croft Manor.

New points of interest

The mansion looks very much like the home in Tomb Raider Legend, only this time players can access more places, including an outside area with a maze.

  • Throughout the mansion Lara finds open books. She can read a few pages that refer to either some past adventures or history.
  • Lara can now visit a Music Room that contains some instruments such as a piano and harp. When you interact with them, Lara will play a few notes. A stereo is also in the room. You can listen to whatever tracks you have unlocked by playing the game such as Main Menu theme and Croft Manor theme.
  • The maze located outside has the grapple in the center and also an artefact.


The Gym is a great opportunity to practice some of Lara's skills. There are a few relics scattered throughout the area.


As Lara arrives to her home she finds a note from her butler, Winston. She reads that her home isn't completely refurnished and that some boxes with antiquities are still stacked in the main hall.


Find the Empty Bucket
Turn on the water and fill the bucket, to gain a Bucket of Water
Extinguish the fire in the fire place
Move the Movable Crate onto the decorated pressure pad in the main hall to open the secret compartment in the fire place
Get to Library and from there access the Treasure Vault to get the Sundial Gnomon
Solve the Sundial Puzzle to access the labyrinth and pick up the Grapple.
Get to the Pool House and obtain the bow.
  • Pick up the gear from the stack of crates in the Main Hall
  • Use bow, arrow and gear in the labyrinth to get the music box cylinder.



In this level you can find eight Artifacts.

Artefacts & Keys





More Gear

Traps & Obstacles


There's a fire in the fireplace, but it's easily avoided. During the level Lara puts the fire out with the Bucket of Water.

Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles


Texts of Books

There are various books scattered around the Croft Manor. Lara can read them with the Interact function.

The Trials of Gilead

...And even as their hooves shook the earth beneath him, Gilead gathered his remaining strength and drew back his BOW.
--The Trials of Gilead, Volume I[1]

As he struggled mightily to calm himself, Gilead removed the poison ARROW from its quiver.
--The Trials of Gilead, Volume II.

And Gilead knew the GEARS of his heart would never turn again as he sacrificed his one true love to save the kingdom he had fought for so long to protect.
--The Trials of Gilead, Volume III

Better still, the new 50 caliber round comes with a full metal jacket designed to maximize muzzle velocity and power to the target.

While other traps have a similar closing mechanism, it was the Egyptians who perfected the savage effectiveness of the holding barbs.

Prolific evidence exists that the ancient Eskimos would carve extremely detailed ivory maps of their coastline and hunting waters.

It is only through knowing our history that we can learn from the past.
Book on Lara's bed

Pink is the new black.

But the new Pharaoh was not content with all that was now his. No, Ramses the second wanted even more; he had visions of an empire so spectacular all mankind would come to marvel at its glory. far the most intriguing is the legend surrounding the fabled dagger of Xi'an and the awesome power it wields.

With the Silk Road bringing thousands of travelers into the region annually, Delhi was soon overrun by merchants selling goods of every possible description.

When the Spaniards had all but wiped out the Incan empire, the remaining survivors fled to the mountains and disappeared. Legend says they retreated to the hidden city of Vilcabamba.

...the ruins of Atlantis were lost beneath the sea when the glaciers melted some ten thousand years ago.

Anyone with even a cursory knowledge of mineralogy would arrive at the same conclusion. Wherever this Isis stone was formed, it wasn't on Earth.

The luxury liner Maria Doria has never been found, however treasure hunters the world over search endlessly for its resting place.

The native population of Costa Rica was ravaged by diseases brought by it's conquerors and barely managed to survive to see the establishment of the capital city.

By far the most important survival item one can possible have is the will to survive.

As Charles Kane notes in his superb history of the Iron Curtain, there were numerous historical precedents against the practicality or feasibility of the fortress system of foreign policy.


  1. The in-game book on the table near the fireplace