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The Cover Bug (or Switch Cover Bug) is a bug in the Tomb Raider III London Level Thames Wharf. Lara can use the switches in these levels without first opening the protective covers.

The Cover Bug will also work in other locations


There are different approaches to use switches without opening the cover.


On the rooftops by the lift the following will work:

  • Shimmy to a place above the cover.
  • Let go and drop straight through the cover.
  • Lara ends up standing inside the cover.
  • Pressing Action to use the switch inside.

Water Chambers

Down by the water chambers you will find two covers. Shimmying won't work here, however one of the switches - the one with the red flashing light - can be overcome by another simple trick.

  • Stand in front of the cover.
  • Roll to end up standing inside the cover.
  • Turn around to face the switch.
  • Press Action to use the switch.