Constable Akham

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Constable Akham
Nationality Nepalese
Occupation Police Officer
Comic(s) Issue 3

Constable Akham is a police officer in Kathmandu, Nepal. When Lara is attacked, when searching for the Medusa Mask and her bodyguard Hartford Compton and the criminal lord Taj are supposedly killed, he investigates the case. He reports to Lara who is staying in a hotel room with Chase Carver, but he can not help her with finding the body of her killed friend. Before he leaves, he tells her, that he will contact her once he learns more. He is not seen again.

Strangely enough, we have found no evidence of him, the infamous Taj or those who attacked you.
Akham about Compton in Issue 3
Constable Akham with Lara