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The Commentary Markers are a feature in Tomb Raider Anniversary. After unlocking and turning this feature on, these markers appear as blue crystals in the game. By activating one of those crystals the gamer starts the audio commentary for a certain scene.

The unlock status for commentaries can be looked up under Rewards in the Main Menu. The markers for Croft Manor, Peru, Greece, Egypt, and Lost Island are unlocked separately. The commentary is unlocked by finishing the corresponding section.

If the commentary markers are unlocked, they can be turned on or off from the Main- or In-game Menu of the game. They are found under Options, Display.

Back in the game the commentaries can be turned off by pressing Interaction (PC: E, PlayStation: Triangle.gif, Xbox: Y) while standing in front of the crystal.


List of Commentary Markers

  • Mountain Caves, ice platform at the start (intro commentary)
  • Mountain Caves, crossing with bats (animals as opponents)
  • ...
  • Croft Manor, Main Hall, near the Pressure Plate ("Croft Manor")
  • Croft Manor, Main Stairs, landing
  • Croft Manor, garden


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