Coastal Thailand Section

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Coastal Thailand

The Coastal Thailand Section is the second section of Tomb Raider Underworld.

After obtaining one of Thor's Gauntlets in the Mediterranean, Lara travels to Thailand searching for the remnants of ruins that could hold the second of Thor's Gauntlets.


In Thailand, Lara makes her way through the ruins of the lost city of Bhogavati, eventually passing a boundary where the architecture begins to closely resemble that of Niflheim. She encounters a colossal door that glows with the same blue luminescence as Thor's gauntlet when the two are in proximity; equipping the device, Lara puts her hand to the surface of the stone and moves it aside with casual ease. "I can see where the rumors of Thor's godlike strength came from," she remarks.

In the room where the gauntlet's twin should lie, Lara finds only an empty pedestal and a map that she believes to have been recently destroyed. Examining the pedestal closely, she notices a message scratched into its surface: "Natla - I see your goal and am your puppet no longer - RJC." Recognizing it as her father's work, she notes the unusual use of Richard Croft's middle initial in his monogram, and discerns a deeper meaning that Natla had missed. "That's where you hid the artifact," she exclaims with amusement. "You sly old fox."