Coastal Ruins

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Coastal Ruins
The Last Revelation
Section Alexandria Section
Level No 14
Secrets 0
Location Egypt, Alexandria
Level Chronology:
Alexandria Coastal Ruins Catacombs

Coastal Ruins is the fourteenth level in The Last Revelation and the second in the Alexandria Section.

As the name suggests, these are the ruins of Greek and Roman buildings from Classical Alexandria - palaces, temples and other buildings. This fits with the real life Alexandria itself - the city had many fantastic buildings in it's Hellenistic heyday - buildings such as the Timonium, the Emporium, the Serapeum and the Musaeum, which housed Alexandria's famous Library; which you will see later on.

It is a gorgeously aesthetic level, with a beautiful outside area in which plenty of secret exploring can be done. It is possible to jump a huge section of the game, - cutting out the much-loathed section in which Lara revisits various areas of the immense Catacombs and the coastal ruins surrounding them an inordinate amount of times - and arrive straight at the Temple of Isis by leaping along the rocks in the sea and jumping into the water at the right point - sadly however, the two needed keys to get past the first water room are found in an area you won't have visited yet, and therefore you must wait and traverse the whole section of the game.

Coastal Ruins may turn out to be your most visited level, as it connects all the Alexandria levels together - there's even a fairground attraction if things get too serious for you!


Lara sets out to find the pieces of Armour of Horus that are scattered around the temples.



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