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* [[Tomb Raider (2013)]]
* [[Tomb Raider (2013)]]
* [[Rise of the Tomb Raider]]
* [[Rise of the Tomb Raider]]
* [[{{Sottr}}]]
| Type            =  
| Type            =  
| Related        = [[Ladder]]
| Related        = [[Ladder]]

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Climbable Wall
Related Objects Ladder
Strategy grab hold and climb up or down

The Climbable Wall is an obstacle in many Tomb Raider Games. In the Classic Games it is hard to distinguish between ladders and climbable walls. Since the Reboot games Lara can use the Climbing Axe to scale such walls.



These walls, which are generally made of ice or rock can be scaled using the

Climbable Walls: Craggy walls of ice and rock are climbable.
in-game info (Rise of the Tomb Raider)

Tomb Raider (2013)

When Lara arrives on Yamatai she can not climb walls as she has no Axe yet. The Old Pry Tool she finds in the Coastal Forest is not strong enough. But soon after she encounters Captain Roth on the Village Plateau who gives her his climbing axe. Equipped with this axe she is able to scale the Climbable Walls that lead up to the Wolf Den in order to retrieve the first aid kit.

From now on Lara can climb all walls that have a rough stony surface. She can also jump from a certain distance and use the axe to hook herself to these walls before climbing up or down.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Climbable Walls make a reappearance in Rise of the Tomb Raider. In addition to the rocky surfaces already present in the reboot there are also icy surfaces that Lara can climb now she has two climbing axes. Some walls may crumble when Lara tries to climb them.

When later in the game she acquires the Wire Spool from Sophia she is also able to jump towards climbable surfaces and throw one of her axes up to hook it there - as she would do with ledges. She then can climb up the wire until she can use the axes directly and climb up further.