Chemical Production Tower

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The Chemical Production Tower can be found in Cold Darkness, in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

In the Cold Darkness mode, Lara is tasked with shutting down three Chemical Production Towers - one on the western side of the map, one on the eastern side and one in the south - the disable the Weapons Research Lab which has released toxins into the air and is affecting the Trinity Soldiers, turning them crazy.

Disable the Chemical Production Towers.
Task in Cold Darkness

Western Tower

The tower on the western side of the map is accessed by climbing the scaffolding with 6 oil tanks to the south of the actual tower, across the trench with the giant pipelines. From the top of the central northern tank Lara can jump over to the platform at the tower.

Eastern Tower

Southern Tower

Using a Fire Arrow Lara has to overcome the Flammable Barriers, before entering the tower entrances where she has to overcome a double-door system by pressing a button.