Chalice of Torment

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Chalice of Torment
Chalice of Torment.jpg
Found 1996
Current Status In Lara's treasure vault
Game(s) Tomb Raider Anniversary
Level Found Lost Island - Natla's Mines

The Chalice of Torment is one of the Relics in Tomb Raider Anniversary. It is found in the level Lost Island - Natla's Mines.

It's located in a crate hanging from the ceiling of the beginning area, the section of the mine with the pool of water and a boat. To get it, Lara must go back there after getting her pistols back, climb up to a section of a ledge where she an shoot the right side one of the two hanging crates. This makes it drop, revealing the relic inside.

The Chalice of Torment is described as a mixing vessel:

This chalice was used to collect split blood of sacrificial virgins. Once the blood was collected, the chalice was used as a mixing vessel where other herbs and powders were added to turn the liquid into a psychotropic fluid used by Atlantean priestess-judges to invoke spirit journeys.
In-game information [1]


A chalice decorated with hieroglyph-like Atlantean symbols.


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