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Remark: This article describes the level Caves in the original Tomb Raider. For information on the Tomb Raider Anniversary level, see Peru - Mountain Caves.

Tomb Raider
Section Peru Section
Level No 1
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 10 minutes
  • First Time: 25 minutes
Secrets 3
Location South America, Peru
Level Chronology:
Caves City of Vilcabamba

Caves is the first level in the original Tomb Raider, in the Peru section. The location for this level is the Peruvian Andes region. The gamer will be greeted by snowy caverns lined with Dart Traps and full of Bats, Wolves and a Bear.


Lara is hired by Jacqueline Natla to travel to the Andes mountain range, in Peru, in search of an artefact known as the Scion, which rests in the Tomb of Qualopec somewhere in the mountains. Accompanied by a guide Lara arrives at a huge pair of stone doors, the entrance to an ancient Incan civilisation. She climbs to the top of the doors and finds a hidden switch that opens the doors. A pack of ferocious wolves suddenly attack from inside the cave. Lara leaps to the ground, killing the wolves in a barrage of pistol fire. However, she is too late, her guide lies dead in the snow. Alone, Lara heads into the caves in search for the village Vilcabamba.




In this level you can find three Secrets.

  • 1st secret
The first secret in this level can be found early after following the wolf tracks, in a wall opening which can be reached via a sloped block. It consists of a single Small Medi Pack.
  • 2nd secret
The second secret it found shortly after the first. In a side cavern Lara will find an elevated alcove in which she encounters a bat guarding another Small Medi Pack.
  • 3rd secret
The third and final secret can be found in the large cave with the timed door and the wolves. Lara can reach an outcrop with greenery to enter a secret chamber with a round stone table. In this chamber lies a Large Medi Pack.

First Aid



The first obstacle in Lara's way is a set of four dart shooters. She can use the sloping floor to her advantage. By running on the left side, only the two on the left can really harm her and with the right timing, she can jump over them while running past.
The next obstacle that keeps Lara from reaching the first secret is an opening in the wall which seems unreachable. With the help of a sloped block, she can reach it however. There are two methods to use this block.
  1. Stand behind the higher end of the sloped block, jump up, grab the ledge and pull up onto it. While sliding immediately press jump and grab the edge of the opening.
  2. Stand below the opening, face against the wall. Perform a backflip onto the sloped block and immediately jump again and grab the edge of the opening.
Next she comes to a closed door. To continue through this door, Lara has to flip a wall lever, also known as big lever switch.
Lara soon comes to a pit. If not interested in goodies, she can simply jump over to the other side and continue. If she falls down, she will be injured, as the drop is a bit much. There is also a bear waiting for her at the bottom of the pit.
Optionally, if Lara choose to collect the Small Medi Pack in the pit, she will come to a closed door with a pressure plate. By stepping on the ground trigger, the door opens briefly.


Main article: Walkthrough:Caves

Follow the paw prints inside the caverns and up the rocks to the left. Climb down to find a Big Lever Switch that opens the door into the next area. Climb upwards out of the area and get into the chamber with the Suspension Bridges and wolves. Cross it to leave on the other side. Get across a pit guarded by a bear, into another chamber with wolves. Perform the time run. Drop through the floor and find the lever in a chamber on the upper level to open the big gate.

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