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The Premier release of the Collectible Card Game was published in 1999.

It consists of 213 cards.

The following packs were for sale:

Special Cards: The Lenticular multi-view Lara card.
Promos Released during the set included: Lil Ol Me, Karmic Balance, Lara Croft Explorer


1Cave EntranceCave Location
Into the Caves Quest Deck
2Safe CaveCave Location
3Treasure CaveCave Location
4Skeletal RemainsCave Location
5Dim CavernCave Location
6Giant CavernCave Location
7Open CavernCave Location
8OverlookCave Location
9ForkCave Location
10Bat CaveCave Location
11Wolf BridgeCave Location
12Sharp TCave Location
13End of SlideCave Location
14Bend LeftCave Location
15Hidden CornerCave Location
16Bat RoostCave Location
17PondCave Location
18Hard RightCave Location
19Lara Croft, SpelunkerRaider
20Claw of the Cave BearTreasure
22BearCreature Obstacle
23Leather JacketItem Discovery
24Ferocious AttackAction
25Wolf PackCreature Obstacle
26Tomb EntranceTomb Location
Trapped in the Tombs Quest Deck
27Safe ChamberTomb Location
28Treasure VaultTomb Location
29SlideTomb Location
30Slice & DiceTomb Location
31Narrow CrossingTomb Location
32Boulder PassageTomb Location
33End of the LineTomb Location
34Dead EndTomb Location
35Engraved PassageTomb Location
36Uneven CorridorTomb Location
37Rough StaircaseTomb Location
38No ReturnTomb Location
39Bat ShrineTomb Location
40Sharp BendTomb Location
41Broken PassageTomb Location
42Dizzying HeightsTomb Location
43Blind CornerTomb Location
44Lara Croft, Treasure HunterRaider
45Idol of FortuneTreasure
46Snoop AheadAction
47Spiked SlopeTrap Obstacle
48BackpackItem Discovery
50GapTrap Obstacle
51Look AgainAction
Common Cards
52Good ShotAction
53The Way ThroughAction
54Triggered DoorTrigger Discovery
55RopeItem Discovery
56Just Made ItAction
57Take AimAction
58Rough GroundAction
59BatsCreature Obstacle
60WolvesCreature Obstacle
61Save PointTrigger Discovery
62Pit TrapTrap Obstacle
64Dart TrapTrap Obstacle
65DarkTrap Obstacle
66Steal ItemAction
67Lara Croft, AdventurerUpgrade
68Magnum PistolsItem Discovery
69Small Medi PackItem Discovery
70Chute TrapAction
71Hidden ExitTrigger Discovery
73Shotgun AmmoItem Discovery
74Loaded for BearAction
76Quick AssessmentAction
77The Second BarrelAction
79Natla's ThugCreature Obstacle
80FlareItem Discovery
81Drive OutAction
82Cursed IdolItem Discovery
84Detailed SearchAction
86Weapon JamAction
87Coordinated FireAction
88Fool's GambitAction
89Fresh StartAction
90Over EncumberedAction
91One Slim ChanceAction
92Worst CaseAction
93Attention to DetailAction
94Sure FootingAction
96All or NothingAction
97Collapsing ExitAction
98Guarded AttackAction
99Attack From BehindAction
100Achilles HeelAction
101ZooAtlantean Location
Uncommon Cards
102Sphere RoomAtlantean Location
103Atlantean SaveAtlantean Location
104Giant StepsAtlantean Location
105Lava StraitsAtlantean Location
106WellspringAtlantean Location
107MazeAtlantean Location
108LureAtlantean Location
109ChasmAtlantean Location
110DrawbridgeAtlantean Location
111Hall of RevelationAtlantean Location
112Jagged CavernAtlantean Location
113Atlantean LairAtlantean Location
114Fleeting BeautyAtlantean Location
115StorehouseAtlantean Location
116Crawler RangeAtlantean Location
117Lava FallAtlantean Location
118Atlantean TreasureAtlantean Location
119Uzi ClipItem Discovery
120ShotgunItem Discovery
121I Can Do ThatAction
122Bait & SwitchAction
123Collateral DamageAction
124Carpe ConundrumAction
126The Greater ThreatAction
127Training ExerciseAction
128Adapt and OvercomeAction
129Scent the PreyAction
130Snake EyesAction
131LionCreature Obstacle
132GorillaCreature Obstacle
133PumasCreature Obstacle
134NatlaCreature Obstacle
135Atlantean HorsemanCreature Obstacle
136Natla's SniperCreature Obstacle
137Falling BouldersTrap Obstacle
138Spike TrapTrap Obstacle
139Blinding Flash TrapTrap Obstacle
140Break-Away FloorTrap Obstacle
141CompassItem Discovery
142Rusty KeyItem Discovery
143Ancient GlyphItem Discovery
144BinocularsItem Discovery
145Idol of LifeTrigger Discovery
146Atlantean Life AmuletTrigger Discovery
147Large Medi PackItem Discovery
148Combat KnifeItem Discovery
149Gnashing TeethTrap Obstacle
150Deep Pit TrapTrap Obstacle
Rare Cards
152Revolving DoorAtlantean Location
153Difficult SlopeCave Location
154Tiger TrapTomb Location
155Secret RoomLocation
156Meditation ChamberLocation
157Empty RoomLocation
161Flying AtlanteanCreature Obstacle
162Crawling AtlanteanCreature Obstacle
163Atlantean LaraCreature Obstacle
164Atlantean Big BossCreature Obstacle
165Atlantean NatlaCreature Obstacle
166Lava FlowTrap Obstacle
167Crushing Stone TrapTrap Obstacle
168Toxic FumesTrap Obstacle
169Spiked FloorTrap Obstacle
170TNTTrap Obstacle
171UziItem Discovery
172Cool ShadesItem Discovery
173Stone TabletItem Discovery
174Laptop ComputerItem Discovery
175Treasure MapTrigger Discovery
176Charm of the BeastItem Discovery
177Infrared GogglesItem Discovery
178Unpleasant SurpriseTrigger Discovery
179Secret PassageTrigger Discovery
180ScopeItem Discovery
181I'm Sorry...Action
182Luck of the DrawAction
183Poor AimAction
184No FallbackAction
185Superior TacticsAction
186Idol of the WolfTreasure
187Atlantean DNATreasure
188Atlantean Scion Treasure
189Incan Spirit CloakTreasure
190Map of IndianaTreasure
191Lara Croft, AcrobatRaider
192Lara Croft, DuelistRaider
193Lara Croft, VictorUpgrade
194Lara Croft, MillionaireUpgrade
195Lara Croft, ArchaeologistUpgrade
199Skateboard KidRaider
200The Bald ManRaider
201Smoking GunsSecret Move
Ultra Rare Cards
202Rope ManeuverSecret Move
203Clean SweepSecret Move
204Divert and EscapeSecret Move
205Silver BulletSecret Move
206Endurance TrainingSecret Move
207Reflection of FateSecret Move
208Lock and LoadSecret Move
209Three of a KindSecret Move
210Lara Croft, ExplorerUpgrade
Promo Cards
212Karmic BalanceAction
213Lil Ol Me?Action