Black Panthers

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Black Panther
Enemy Type Regular Enemy
Classification Animal, Felidae
Weapons Teeth and claws

Black Panther is the collective term for a variety of black-coloured cats (Black Leopard, Black Jaguar or Black Puma).

They appear as enemies in Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider Anniversary and Unfinished Business in Egypt and in Tomb Raider Underworld in Mexico.


Tomb Raider/Tomb Raider Anniversary

The first occurrence of Black Panthers is in the original Tomb Raider, in Egypt. They are also there when Lara returns to Egypt in Unfinished Business. And they make their return in the remake Tomb Raider Anniversary.

Tomb Raider Underworld

The Black Panthers Lara encounters in Mexico in Tomb Raider Underworld are actually Jaguars. In the later levels she meets the Thrall version of these cats.


The Back Panthers are quite damaging and take a lot of pistol shots, it is safest to shoot them from a vantage point they cannot reach. In you can kill the much more quicker if you do an Adrenaline Dodge followed by a Headshot (in Tomb Raider Anniversary) or if you use a Shotgun.


Similar Enemies

The Black Panthers are very similar to other felids appearing in the games

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