Black Isle

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Black Isle
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Country Ireland
Games Tomb Raider Chronicles

Black Isle is a location Lara visits in Tomb Raider Chronicles.

It is an island supposedly off the coast of Ireland, just a boat trip away from Connussie. The Black Isle is rumoured to be inhabited by demonic and satanic creatures. It is first, and only, visited in Tomb Raider Chronicles by Father Patrick Dunstan and Lara Croft. Lara was not supposed to come along on this journey, but secretly hitched a ride with Father Patrick.

Tomb Raider Chronicles

Main article: Ireland Section

There are a total of three levels on the Black Isle: Gallows Tree, Labyrinth, and finally Old Mill. These levels might be regarded as the scariest in the whole game due to a number of factors: the creepy music, the fact that Lara does not have any weapons (she is only sixteen during these levels), the creepy monsters, the creepy inhabitants (demons, hags, monsters, bats, etc..) The roses are also quite harder to find, and the traps are very fiendish and unforgiving.