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Tomb Raider Underworld
Section Coastal Thailand Section
Level No 2.2
Secrets 15
Special Demo Level (partially)
Location Thailand
Level Chronology:
Remnants Bhogavati The Ancient World

Bhogavati is the eighth level in Tomb Raider Underworld and the second of the Coastal Thailand Section.

Part of the level was included in the Tomb Raider Underworld Demo alongside with the full Remnants level.

Bhogavati is the capital of Patala, the seventh netherworld in Hindu tradition. It is populated by naga, which in the most notorious descriptions are large snake-people. The architectural style of this ruin has never been found this far to the southwest before and is older than any other site I'm familiar with, which changes our notions of how these Hindu traditions moved throughout Asia.
Tomb Raider Underworld[1]


Lara has reached the area from where she can get to the Hindu underworld, the Bhogavati.


  • Release the ancient lift.
  • Use the lift and after it crashes the grapple to get down.
  • Explore the large area to find two gems.
  • Use the gems with the Shiva statue to reflect the sunlight into the crystal on Khali's forehead.
  • Get down into the underworld.



There's a total of fifteen Treasures hidden throughout the level. Some of them lay at plain sight and some are inside of the Secret Vases.

  • 1st Treasure
The first Treasure of this level is inside a secret vase that's on a ledge that has poles and beams on it, leading to the right side of the lift mechanism. There are two ways to get to it:
  1. After the first cutscene, go to the right, following the passageway. When you come across a gap from which you can drop down, go through it. Now you should be on the platform with beams and poles on it. Don't start to climb up along them. Instead, follow the platform to the gap with the Grapple Ring. There you can find the vases, and breaking the secret vase reveals the Treasure.
  2. If you've taken the way to the left, you can use the grapple to get across the pit, landing to the vases.
  • 2nd Treasure
After the cutscene where Lara notices the similarities with the Niflheim, break a secret vase on the left of the hallway to find the second Treasure.
  • 3rd Treasure
When facing the room with plenty of foliage and two gates, proceed to the right gate. After picking up the Gem (Shiva), use the grapple to the metal lotus to descend down to the front of the gate. Turn left and you should see the third Treasure sitting at plain sight on a ledge. Traverse along the ledge of the gate's front, towards the Treasure's alcove. Jump back to land onto a ledge below the Treasure alcove, and make your way to it by climbing along a column, hopping to an upper ledge and traversing along it to the right.
  • 4th Treasure
Once you've defeated a red naga on the upper ledge near the one from which you used to traverso to the third Treasure, climb along the wall to the right, grabbing onto some ledges on the way. You should now have climbed on top of a large ledge with a health pack, overlooking the area. You should be able to see a column, and on it's foliage covered top there should lay the fourth Treasure at plain sight. Take a running jump from the ledge you're on to land onto the column, pick up the Treasure and then jump back to the ledge with the climbable wall.
  • 5th Treasure
Climb up along the wall to reach the base of the stairs where the red naga attacked earlier. Go up the stairs, on the right you'll find the 5th Treasure in a small alcove and there's a Health Pack on the left side.
  • 6th Treasure
From the Health Pack found from the left side alcove of the stairs, drop down to hang from the edge. You should see an alcove below, with the sixth Treasure laying plain at sight. Drop down and grab the alcove's ledge, pull up and pick up the Treasure. To leave the Treasure alcove, go through the left of the Treasure, drop down and grab a couple of ledges on the way to the floor.
  • 7th Treasure
The seventh Treasure is inside a secret vase. The location on of it is the far right corner if you've just dropped down from the alcove with the 6th Treasure.
  • 8th Treasure
The eighth Treasure is located in an alcove high near the left side gate. After picking up the second Gem (Shiva), use the grapple to descend again to the front of the gate. This gateway is blocked by huge pieces of rock, and there's a health pack inside the gateway. After picking it up, go to the edge of the gateway, and look around to the right. There you should see a stone ledge over a ramp. Take a running jump to grab the ledge, crossing the ramp. From the ledge, head up by climbing along the wall and pull up into an alcove. Chimney jump along the narrow walls of the alcove to get to a higher ledge, and pull up into the alcove there the eighth Treasure lays at plain sight.
  • 9th Treasure
The ninth Treasure lays at plain sight in the hallway with deep pits. When you come across the second pit, jump to the Horizontal Pole on the left wall. Stand on the pole, and grab a ledge on the wall, traverse to the left of it and jump to grab the stone arch. Climb on top of it to land onto a ledge with a health pack. Move to the right from it, jumping to a stone beam. Traverse along the beams to reach the ninth Treasure laying on a ledge. From left of the Treasure, you'll end up to the first pit.
  • 10th Treasure
After crossing the pits, you arrive to a small chamber with lots of foliage, a structure resembling a pagoda and a lone, hostile tiger. In the far right corner of this chamber, you'll find some vases, and the secret vase contains the tenth Treasure.
  • 11th Treasure
The eleventh Treasure lays at plain sight in the higher ledge of the chamber. To get there, climb up along the pagoda-like structure, and make you way to the left along the wall.
  • 12th Treasure
The twelfth Treasure lays at plain sight on a high ledge on the left side wall of the chamber when facing the entrance. After climbing up to the pagoda-like structure to a ledge where there was a health pack, drop down to hand from the ledge. Keep dropping down to grap a ledge below, and make your way to the right along ledges and beams. When you come across a spot with two stone beams close to each other, jump to the lower one and proceed to the end of it. Jump to a column near it to perch, and jump to grab some nearby ledges. Go up and to the right until you come across a ledge with the Treasure.
  • 13th Treasure
The thirteenth Treasure lays in a dimly lit room with two nagas, in the far right of the room. Lara enters the room via set of stairs that follows a set of pits after leaving the chamber with the pagoda-like structure.
  • 14th Treasure
The fourteenth Treasure is in the far end of the dimly lit room on the right side of the Shiva and Kali statue. Climb up with the grapple to reach the higher parts from the bottom of the courtyard, then go to the right to the dimly lit room.
  • 15th Treasure
The fifteenth and last Treasure of the level is located in the small chamber with the naga statue, which becomes accessible after reflecting sunlight to the gem on Kali's forehead. The Treasure is on the right of the statue.

Artefacts & Keys



First Aid


Traps & Obstacles

Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles

  • Bhogavati Lift Puzzle
  • Sun Reflection Puzzle


Bhogavati is the subterranean capital of the Nagas in the Nagaloka region of Patala. The place is also known as Putkari.


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