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Backwards-compatibililty in general is a term that describes the capability of newer systems to execute older software. Often such systems provide special options to enable or improve backwards-compatibility, like the Compatibility Mode introduced with Windows 2000 SP2 and present in every Windows system since.

Xbox Backwards-compatibility

On the Xbox One, certain games written for the Xbox 360 or the original Xbox can be used. They simply have to be inserted into the drive which triggers an "update", downloading a compatible version of the game to the hard disk. (Digitally purchased titles can be directly downloaded from the store.) Compatibility is made possible through emulation.

Tomb Raider Games Compatible With Xbox One Backwards-compatibility

  • The Xbox 360 version of this game was made compatible on 27 June 2017. Both disk and digital download version can be used.
  • This enables users to play the exclusive Xbox 360 DLCs Lara's Shadow and Beneath the Ashes on a different system for the first time ever.[1]
  • The Xbox 360 version of this game was made compatible on 20 February 2018.[2]
Both compatible since summer 2018.


There are several different methods of backwards-compatibility on PlayStation systems.

PlayStation 2

The PlayStation 2 was able to play almost all games made for the original PlayStation. This includes most versions of the Tomb Raider Classic games. Compatibility is made possible through hardware.

PlayStation 3

The first release of the PlayStation 3 ("Fat" 40 GB model) was capable of playing back all previous PS2 and PS1 games. This version never made it to Europe, it was only available in North America and Japan. Compatibility was through hardware.

Later models were no longer capable of playing back PS2 games; only a number of PS1 games could be played through emulation. This includes most of the original Classic Tomb Raider games, but there are exceptions for special versions or re-releases.

Most PS1 Tomb Raider games can be purchased from the PlayStation Network store.

PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 is currently not capable of playing back any other software than that made for it, except for PS1 games purchased from the PSN store.


  1. Detailed instructions on how to set up the DLCs on the Xbox One on tombraidergirl's blog