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Remark: This article describes Lara's mother Lady Amelia Croft from the Classic Tomb Raider and the first three Crystal Dynamics games. For information about Lara's mother from the Tomb Raider Comics, see Andrea Croft, for information on Lara's mother in the Reboot Games, see Amelia Croft (Reboot).

Countess of Abbingdon Lady Amelia Croft
Birth Name

Amelia DeMornay

Disappeated In the year 1977 [1]
Died In the year 2008 [2]
Spouse Lord Richard Croft
Children Lara Croft
Game(s) Tomb Raider Chronicles

Tomb Raider Legend
Tomb Raider Underworld

Voice Eve Karpf

(in Tomb Raider Legend)

Lady Amelia Croft, the Countess of Abbingdon, was the wife of Lord Richard Croft, and the mother of Lara Croft.

Tomb Raider Chronicles

At the beginning of Tomb Raider Chronicles Lara is missing in Egypt, presumed dead. The opening FMV shows her memorial statue being visited by a huddled couple in the rain - the couple being Lara's parents.[3]

Tomb Raider Legend

Until Tomb Raider Legend, Amelia was presumed deceased but was in fact the victim of a tragic incident involving her daughter and a sword similar to Excalibur, where she appeared to have been imprisoned in Avalon.

Tomb Raider Underworld

In Tomb Raider Underworld, Natla performs the ritual to open the doors, and Lara completes it by striking the doors with Mjolnir. Opening the doors to Helheim, Lara finds her mother who stands at the edge of the cliff, looking into a blue, ghostly void. Lara calls out to her only to see that when Amelia turns around, she's become a Thrall. Part of Amelia still exists, but half of her is a zombie creature. Lara is filled with fear and disbelief as Amelia starts walking toward her. She says that her mother is dead and that she died a long time ago, that the Thrall she sees is not her mother. As Amelia gets closer, Lara shoots her several times, sending her backward into the void.

Later, after stopping Natla and destroying the Midgard Serpent, Lara and Amanda get back to Nepal by using the Stone Dais in Helheim that Amelia tried to use but didn't know how. Upon arrival, Lara picks up her drawings of yeti that she ripped out of her notebook (as seen in Legend) and bids one last farewell to her mother before departing.

If you look closely throughout Tomb Raider Underworld you can see several references to Amelia for example the portrait of her in Croft Manor has had half of her face charred off and the image of the goddess Hel that appears on the seals of Helheim during Odin's Ritual, representing Amelia's half destroyed thrall state when Lara meets her.

Lara's mother in the Comics

In the Top Cow biography of Lara, her mother was called "Lady Elizabeth Croft". [4] In the comic issues she was also known under the name Andrea Croft.



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