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Nationality Egyptian
Occupation Guide
Game(s) The Last Revelation

Ahmed[1] is a character in Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation. He serves as Lara's guide in the Tomb of Seth.


Clad in a long red cloak, which in-game is covered by a beige vest, and a white turban, Ahmed carries a torch with which he gets rid of Scorpions and Jackals and opens a few doors for Lara.


Expedition to the Tomb of Seth

Ahmed has been hired by Lara Croft, to show her to the Tomb of Seth. Arriving on camel the two examine the area. When Ahmed finds a statue, the two of them trigger a sand slide and are transported down into the tomb. Ahmed takes a torch from a wall receptacle and with it leads Lara through the tomb. He uses his torch to fend off enemies and to trigger doors.

When reading the inscription over the chamber where Lara uses the Timeless Sand, he gets scared and flees, leaving Lara behind.

He reappears, when Lara emerges from Seth's Burial Chambers. He threatens her with a weapon and demands the Amulet of Horus, but an explosion interrupts them.

A jeep arrives and the guide flees. He will be Lara's opponent in the whole King's Valley levels, where he is driving the Enemy Jeep.

Later he is seen talking to Werner Von Croy.

Lara meets him again at the train to Alexandria, after emerging from the Tomb of Semerkhet.


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