Abby Ortiz

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Abby talking to Jonah

Abby Ortiz is a character in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. She is the owner of the bar in Kuwaq Yaku and one of the first persons Lara meets when emerging from the Peruvian Jungle after the plane crash.

Abby seems to know a lot about the ruins that surround the village. She is able to help Lara and Jonah solve some of the puzzles surrounding them. All the while she seems to genuinely care what happens to these sites of cultural heritage as she tells Lara not to destroy anything and gets somewhat irritated when Lara is forced to break down some walls to progress further. She also introduces her to Sara, an old friend and archaeologist that works the sites around the Mission of San Juan.

Abby also seems to be something of a local leader. There are multiple Artifacts around the village that describe her interactions with Porvenir, the big oil company that used to do drilling in the area, and the other inhabitants speak very highly of her. She is described as being like the mayor of the town.

Jonah soon befriends Abby and it seems their relationship is developing romantically throughout the game. They are most likely to meet again even after Lara saved the Paititians from destruction.