The Rules of Senet

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The Rules of Senet

Stone tablet

Found 1999
Game(s) The Last Revelation
Level Found Tomb of Semerkhet
Level Used Tomb of Semerkhet

The Rules of Senet is a minor artefact found in the level Tomb of Semerkhet in The Last Revelation. It is needed to play Senet.

To win the game, get all your pieces off the board by landing them on the final ankh square. On your turn spin the sticks. Your throw is the number of white sides showing.
If no white sides show, your throw is a six. If you throw a six or land on an ankh square you get an extra turn. If you land on an opponent's piece, it is returned to the start.
The Rules of Senet[1]


A stone tablet with the rules of Senet carved on it.

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  1. In-game description after examining the Rules of Senet in the inventory