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There were three Atlantean Rulers, Qualopec, Tihocan and Natla. They are all immortal, even considered gods. They also possess great power of magic and sorcery, however only Natla's supernatural fire power and Tihocan's ability to craft a very resistant prison crystal have been witnessed.

Qualopec and Tihocan are long deceased and buried in Peru (Tomb of Qualopec) and underneath St. Francis' Folly (Tomb of Tihocan) respectively. Natla outlived both of them as they sentenced her to a life-long cold sleep. When the first nuclear explosion took place in Los Alamos, New Mexico, her stasis chamber was damaged and Natla was revived.

The three rulers possessed a powerful artefact, the Scion. When Natla was expelled from rulership, Tihocan and Qualopec split the artefact into three pieces. Each of them took one piece to their grave. The third piece, Natla's piece, was hidden in Egypt, in a place called Sanctuary of the Scion.

The Rulers