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Lara Finding the Combat Knife

The Combat Knife (aka Tactical Knife, Hunting Knife, Makeshift Knife, Reinforced Knife, Finely-crafted Knife, or simply Knife) is a Gear item and a Weapon in Rise of the Tomb Raider and Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

As a gear item it can be used to cut Ropes, e.g. like those that attach Bells to their posts or those that Lara herself has fixed to objects in her surrounding like Ziplines. As a Stealth weapon it can be used to kill Enemies silently, e.g. by sneaking up on them from behind or jumping off buildings when they pass below.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

In Mexico Lara Croft uses the Knife she brought with her on her expedition. She first has to use it to pry a stone loose that has pinned down her ankle.


Used for cutting rope and attacking enemies.

Press (Triangle) to CUT rope.

Unlock knife upgrades by progressing through the game, trading with merchants, and completing certain side missions.

Makeshift Knife: Used for cutting rope ans attacking enemies covertly.

Reinforced Knife: Adds the ability to cut through braided ropes.

Finely-Crafted Knife: Adds the ability to harvest more animal resources.
Shadow of the Tomb Raider Survival Guide, PS4 Version

When Lara starts out after the plane crash in the Peruvian Jungle, she has lost all her gear. To cut it down from a tree she needs to find a tool. She can find it in form of a piece of one of the propellers of the plane wreck. This is only a very basic tool that needs sharpening first. Lara has to collect three pieces of Salvage and sit down at a Base Camp to do so. The result is the Makeshift Knife.

This Knife is not very sharp and can only be used for the most basic things. It is enough to cut rope and so get Lara some of her gear back, as well as sneaking up on Enemies and Stealthily kill them. But it can not cut through barriers sealed with Braided Ropes. This can only be achieved by upgraded Knifes.

The first upgrade to the Makeshift Knife is the Reinforced Knife. If can be acquired under the name Knife Upgrade from a Merchant in Paititi. It will cost Lara 2900 Gold Pieces.

The final upgrade, the Finely-Crafted Knife, is the reward for a Side Mission called Rescue Hakan. It increases the amount of Resources gathered from Animals.