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The M-V9 is one of the new weapons you can find in Angel of Darkness. It is Lara's first and most basic weapon. A commonly-used weapon by Parisian street thugs, it is easy to conceal and has a fairly quick rate of fire. It doesn't have much stopping power at a distance, but it's a deadly weapon when used up close.

Games/Films Featured

Angel of Darkness

First Found: Parisian Backstreets


Basic design 9mm semi automatic. 12 shot clip. Long range.

  • Caliber: Basic design 9mm
  • Rate of Fire: Semiautomatic
  • Efficiency: Long range
  • Ammo Type: M-V9 Clip. 12 Shot.
  • Attachments: Optical silencer & laser sight.


  • Parisian Back Streets (in a locked shed on a rooftop)
  • Parisian Ghetto (taken from fallen Le Serpent Rouge guards)


MV-9 (TR6)