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Classic Funko Pop! and Rock Candy Lara Croft

Funko is an American company best known for its collectible vinyl figurines.

Funko Pop!

Funko Pop! is a line of bobble-head vinyl figures of video game characters created and produced by Funko. A statue of Lara Croft that was introduced in January 2017[1][2], number 168. It sports the typical big bobble-head, a green top, shorts, and dual pistols.

Reboot Lara

A second Reboot Lara Croft was announced[3] on 16 February 2018 to be introduced at the Toy Fair New York. Here Lara comes complete with a red Ice Axe and a single pistol, a grey shirt, brown trousers and brown shoes. On her back she carries her iconic Bow. Her face is covered in scars and dirt just like in the reboot game. The Funko Pop! number is 333.

Rock Candy

There is also a Classic Lara Croft statue from the Rock Candy line of vinyl figures, which is also produced by Funko.