Tomb Raider: The Series Vol. 1, Issue 19

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Tomb Raider #19
Tomb Raider: The Series Vol. 1
Issue No. 19
Story Title Pieces of Zero
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Release Date February 2002
Writer Dan Jurgens
Pencil Andy Park
Ink Jonathan Sibal
Colors Jonathan D. Smith
Letters Robin Spehar & Dennis Heisler
Pages 32
Price $2.50

In Tomb Raider #19 Pieces of Zero continues with the third of four parts.

Official Description

The four-part "Pieces of Zero" kicks into high gear as Lara Croft suddenly realizes that it's no longer matters of history which consume her, but matters of the future. Is it possible for the world of tomorrow to be unravelled by a single object left here by a time traveller? Lara races against the ultimate clock--infinity itself--as she finally comes face to face with the incredibly beautiful and mysterious Caronne! [1]

Other Covers

Randy Green, San Diego 02


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