Winter Outfit

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Winter Outfit

Winter (also Cold Weather Gear) is one of the unlockable outfits in Tomb Raider Legend. It is worn in the Kazakhstan and Nepal levels, but after unlocking it the outfit can be worn in any of the levels. It's acquired by playing through the level Kazakhstan - Project Carbonek level.


Worn In


The Winter Outfit is unlocked by playing through Kazakhstan.

The Outfit

  • Brown comfortable fur-like coat
  • Long sleeve, blue top
  • Tan trousers
  • Deep brown combatboots, with cotton white socks

From the official site

Clothing is as important to Lara as any gear she might carry, and in the colder climes of the world, nothing beats a heavy but stylish parka (though she's never been fond of hoods unless absolutely necessary). But temperature can be a fickle thing, so she usually tries to dress in layers to adapt to her ever-changing circumstances.