J. Bradley Aulgood

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J. Bradley Aulgood
Occupation Head of the Aulgood Industries
Comic(s) Spirit Walker

J. Bradley Aulgood is a character from the Comics. His friends call him Brad.

Lara's first meeting with him is in Comic Issue 41. He is the head of a huge company called Aulgood Industries and he is one of the richest men in the world. He has a residence in Maui Hawaii, to which he invites Lara. She is interrupted by his men, while she was busy paragliding.

He tells her that he'd had some business dealings with Lord Croft in the past.

Since he was shot by a priest who thought him to be evil incarnated, he is sitting in a wheelchair.

He has a nephew named Jason.

In the Comic he wants Lara to find the Spirit Walker, an ancient aborigine charme, which he wants to return to the Australians.