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The Breath Bar, also know as Oxygen Bar or Air Bar, is a Status Bar which plays an important role when diving.

The breath bar was first introduced in the original Tomb Raider, where Lara had a blue breath bar. As long as Lara is underwater, the bar will continue to run down. Once it's depleted, Lara will start taking damage to the Health Bar.

Blue 'Breath Bar': this bar reduces the longer Lara stays underwater, if you let it run down completely the brown health bar will appear, if you do not reach the surface before this bar expires Lara will drown.
Tomb Raider booklet[1]

Swimming on the surface will gradually restore the bar. Leaving the water will fully replenish the bar at once.

The Breath Bar also appears when Lara is situated in a place with toxic fumes. This happens for example in the VCI Section of Tomb Raider Chronicles and the levels Derelict Apartment Block and Galleries Under Siege in The Angel of Darkness.

In Tomb Raider Underworld the bar doesn't look like the same as in the previous games, but the player is still able to recognise it.



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